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  • Les Brown

    I tip my hat to you!

    I’ve been a believer in this exact message for some time now. It’s nice to see that message starting to be broadcast a little louder and little farther out into the web.

    looking forward to future posts.


  • @Les, thanks for the hat tip, very civilised :)

    Loving the title of your blog ha, I think perhaps I need to have a few rants at some point too!

  • Rob Smith

    This is a great article Sam. Running a small web agency as I do I know how much of this rings true. What’s important to remember though is that when running any major web project you should naturally start to spot new opportunities that clients could be taking advantage of. If you spot an opportunity that makes the client more cash and the agency, well that’s a win-win if ever I heard it – and will only come by having an indepth knowledge of the client as well as the web. Being a good web project manager should give you both of those already to certain extent.

    Truth is in my opinion, the digital account management side of a role is as much if not more rewarding than the project management part – though from the start of this post I’m not sure everyone will agree!

    Finally I think that finally agencies can demand more from a position like this. No longer are we in a transition stage where a lot of good project managers / account managers only knew enough about the web to be dangerous and were learning as they went (hence using tech and creative teams to do their work) – now we have purebred digital account managers that knew little before the web existed. Which is very cool.

    Ramble done!

  • @Rob Smith, you’re right, spotting new oppotunities for a client when running a web project is satisfying and I actually enjoy it loads.

    I guess I was more focussing on how sometimes bringing that opportunity from pitch to sale and implementation can sap more time than a Web Project Manager can spare, but good points Rob.

  • Fantastic article. I am really enjoying your website. It is very helpful learning from someone who is further along and has so much experience in the industry but is also so down to earth and can communicate these concepts in such a clear and concise way!

    I’ve looked through all the articles on your website to see if I can find a page that is similar to this one that replaces “Account Manager” with Project Manager. A “what makes a great Project Manager” article would be great, and seems like a fitting article to have on your site :)

    July 1, 2010  | 
  • @Jesse, thanks so much, glad you like it :)

    What makes a great web project manager is a great idea for a post and I may write one soon. There are loads of similar ones around, especially on http://www.projectsmart.co.uk

    July 5, 2010  | 
  • I’ve spent time on project smart and looked over the link you just added. They are good resources, but they just don’t say it like you can ;D

    I think the main reason it would be so good coming form you (other than your writing style and star wars references of course) is because you can write it in light of this article. Most articles I have read don’t define “Project Management” the same way you do and often blur the lines between Project and Account Management.

    July 5, 2010  | 
  • @Jesse, ok, I’m currently drafting a “What Makes a Great Web Project Manager” article :)

    July 8, 2010  | 
  • Awesome news. Let me know when it’s ready for perusal :)


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