Adopting New Tech & Commercial Competitiveness

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This week saw my latest article being published on the excellent Think Vitamin site and is a momentary break from pure web project management writing.

A screenshot of my latest Think Vitamin article

Article includes obligatory Star Wars image of course

I had the idea for this article back in November last year and it was originally meant to focus on the reality of using HTML5 and CSS3 on projects at that time, specifically issuing a cautionary message about using it too early on real life client web projects for the sake of it, rather than making an objective decision that it would ultimately benefit the client’s business.

However, as mentioned in the article, the web world is different to others and moves fast and even since November the commercial practicality of using these new technologies has increased due to advances in the industry’s rapid knowledge gathering and sharing culture – amazing.

However, both then and now, adopting and using these new technologies currently takes more time than not using them and this gives web agencies running projects a real dilemma and became the focus of the article – how do you find the time to learn these (and any) new technologies while remaining commercially competitive in terms of healthy cash flow and agency strategy, and when should you use them…

As well as discussing why exactly the web world is different when it comes to new ‘inventions’ and the dilemmas digital agencies face, the article also discusses the following:

  • Sensible approaches to adopting new technologies
  • Using new technology where commercially appropriate
  • Being honest with clients
  • Adding value through incremental experiments and metric tracking

While I expect a heap of feedback from folk about how you can use HTML5 and CSS3 now without incurring additional time and cost, I think this is a bit of a fantasy mostly only those monitoring web project budgets and agency bottom lines will recognise.

But it is these same people’s challenge to keep their business, and staff, technically up to date and able to offer their clients all the advantages of new technology while keeping the cash flow positive – and that is not an easy thing!

Read the article now innit »

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