New Media Age, SXSW 2011 News and Guest Authors Wanted

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So it’s a new year and as many of you are probably saying right now “I can’t believe January is already over”. Well it is and one of my little promises to myself for 2011 was to get back on the case with the blog as I went a bit quiet for the latter part of last year, or as they’d say on Spooks, I went dark.

Well I’m back on the grid now…

This is a great example of how to agree web project targets with client’s and get a signature on that all important contract.

Interview in New Media Age Magazine

January saw two personal appearances in NMA Magazine, once on a list of favourite websites by Rob Smith (cheers Rob!), and then Justin Pearse, Editor of NMA, contacted me about doing a QnA on being a Web Project Manager, which of course I was only happy to do!

A screenshot of my NMA interview showing a picture of me and the heading explaining this is an NMA Q and A with a Web Project Manager

My printed chubby face “sponsored by round” lolz

See the full fat-faced interview.

SXSW 2011 News

As some of you will know from a previous post, back in August 2010 I was invited by Brett Harned, Senior Project Manager at Happy Cog, to be a part of a SXSW panel submission called Project Management for Humans (No Robots Allowed).

A screenshot of the SXSW 2011 Interactive logo

SXSW, where all the cool kids gather

Well after months of waiting and several announcements by SXSW we suddenly saw our panel pop up on the accepted list this month. We reacted with dignity and composure, and videoed the actual moment we heard the news.

However, we then noticed as little “CC” next to our panel’s title and it turns out this is code for a SXSW ‘Core Conversation’. This means there would be no panel as such, but instead a more informal meeting in a room, with two original panel members, and between 50-200 people – the two panel members being the organiser and one panel member picked by SXSW.

The informal discussions that pop up in the hallways between, during and after panel sessions have traditionally been one of the most productive parts of the SXSW Interactive Festival. In 2008, we formalized this process with the Core Conversation program which has quickly become one of the more popular aspects of the event. In these less formal hour-long sessions a single moderator will introduce the topic to be discussed and then facilitate the conversation. SXSW 2011 Interactive

In the end they picked Brett Harned and Pamela Villacorta to host the Core Conversation so that means no SXSW for me this year. But it does mean for the first time there will be SXSW time dedicated to the subject of web project management and that’s a real achievement – next year we’ll have a panel, then some key notes… then a Hollywood movie? :)

Good luck to Brett and Pamela, hope it all goes great! Don’t forget to get a video and pictures for us!

Looking for Guest Authors

Fancy writing a blog post but can’t be arsed to set up WordPress? Then how about being a guest author on my blog?

An image of two Star Wars Stormtrooper toy figures penning a letter to Luke Skywalker saying Rebel Scum

Stick to what you know for that first blog post

If you’re interested then mail me and we can start talking about possible topics, and it could be anything to do with the web industry, not just web project management.

Still looking for Web PM Interviewees

For regular followers of my blog you would’ve seen quite a few Web Project Manager Interviews published over the last six months, well I’m still looking for more people to interview, and this includes anyone running web projects; from freelancers, to Web Project Managers, Digital Producers, Account Managers and Directors.

If you’re interested just mail me and I’ll send you the questions and answers template, and don’t forget how cool being a Web Project Manager makes you!

This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus
Blain, Predator, 1987

Ok, that’s all for now…


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