The London Digital PM Workshop Slides, Photos, Videos and More

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On Monday 29th July 2013, over 100 Web Project Managers met at Microsoft’s office in London, UK for the very first Digital Project Management Workshop, sponsored by GatherContent and hosted by Brett Harned and myself.

"#LondonDPM underway! This must be the most organised workshop ever"

“#LondonDPM underway! This must be the most organised workshop ever”

In summary, it was great and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that came along and made the night a real success. Also a a big ‘bromance hug’ to Brett for letting me be a part of this.

Write ups and Tweets

I’m not going to write a long post about the event simply because people have already written about it and there’s a shed load of Tweets, check them out at:

Awwww, we're just so glad people liked it :)

Awwww, we’re just so glad people liked it :)

Presentation slides

If you’re interested, the slides are also now available on Speaker Deck

London DPM Slides

Photos of the evening

I’ve uploaded all of the photos from the night to a London DPM Workshop, July 2013 Flickr set, including everyone’s exercise submissions.

I'm almost the same height as Brett with this perspective.

I’m almost the same height as Brett with this perspective.

Noisy Web Project Managers!

The highlight of the night for me, aside from the obvious awesomeness of the discussions that took place, was the way everyone really threw themselves into the exercises, to the point where Brett and I had real difficulty getting everyone’s attention!

And to think I was a little concerned about the famous British reserved reputation, ha!

Check out these noisy buggers :)

Thank you!

The overriding feedback that came from the attendees was “OMG it was so comforting and reassuring to speak to others doing the same job and have the same challenges!”

We are very much not alone guys.


Thank you everyone, until next time…


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