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The web project to end all web projects - GPL Mobile.

The web project to end all web projects – GPL Mobile.

My first journey away from agency life as a Web Project Manager and into the product world started at GPL. To those who think “OMG No clients, amazing!” think again. All that happens is you swap one challenging job for another and at GPL I’ve sure been challenged!

No more boilerplate website deliveries and instead huge web projects that affect millions of users and generate hundreds of thousands in revenue – shit just got real.

At GPL I delivered websites, videos, internal communications platforms, front-end features, e-commerce web projects, security and anti-fraud solutions, back-end operational applications and much more. If you think you’re an accomplished Web Project Manager but have only ever worked in agencies, trust me, you’re not, not yet…

By far my biggest digital project at GPL was being solely responsible for delivering the entire Mobile platform to complement the existing Desktop one.

This saw me ultimately managing a team 35+ people, not to mention the tens of others I had to liaise with throughout the web project’s lifecycle. You can read more about the technical side of the project over at venntrodev: Building an API and mobile platform for 10 million users.

I’m happy to report that over a year later, the Mobile platform has grown from strength-to-strength and now accounts for over 15% of all activity on a huge platform.

Dating websites are my new thang.

Dating websites are my new thang.

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