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Making law books look sexy...

Making law books look sexy…

The brief was to re-design and develop the existing website that sold products and delivered information to the legal sector e.g. solicitors and judges. The website had to integrate with several legacy back-office systems such as subscription services, payment, the primary product and database server – this all achieved through API integration.

After a brutal assault on the senses, typical when working for a large corporate, the end result was absolutely loved by the client. The time required to manage the website content and products has been reduced dramatically, the board of directors are happy and there is already talk of Phase 2.

Shopping cart design love.

Shopping cart design love.

From a personal perspective this web project was a success. I used certain estimating, design briefing, specification writing and workflow process techniques that I believe are required for this size of project, and thus far they have served to maintain control of the project over the months and allowed delivery within acceptable budget ranges.

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