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The full stack star-up project. Branding through to functional website delivery.

This was my last web project at Rawnet and I must say I really enjoyed it. I was working with my favourite web designer, had a great front and back-end development team and the client was awesome too – this type of web project management job does not come around often!

The web project involved the creation of a website, CMS, business management application, online payment integration and social media integration. The solution it would allow professionals in any industry to ‘set up shop’ as a consultant who users could hire, communicate with through virtual workspaces and then pay and rate, all using the website and web application.

Hawt design!

Hawt design!

I didn’t quite get to finish the web project off but did see it up until about 75% completion and was responsible for all of the planning, scoping, design and development phases. The new web project manager did a fantastic job wrapping up the web project and the owner won the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award for Europe!

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