As well as writing here, Sam has also been invited to contribute pieces to a variety of online and print publications, typically on the topics of leadership, digital delivery, digital project management and team management.

Project Management for Humans: Helping People Get Things Done

Sam was invited by the author, Brett Harned, to contribute a segment to his first book. He writes about his approach to setting and managing client expectations when running digital projects, something many digital delivery folks struggle with on a regular basis.

Using a simple yet disciplined method, Sam describes how the creation and sending of a weekly status report can significantly help to manage the expectations of clients.

He explains how he once had two almost identical digital projects with the same client and ran a sort of A/B test to determine the efficacy of the method, with one clear winner.

Gower Handbook of People in Project Management

Asked to write a chapter for this highly prestigious book, Sam penned ‘Managing Daily Routines’ contribution in the style of a day in the life of a Digital Project Manager.

During the course of a typical day, a multitude of skills are needed to ensure digital projects run smoothly e.g. keeping yourself highly organised, chasing people for updates, giving your leadership team status updates, ensuring constant momentum and much more.

Clients: Friends You Never Had

One of Sam’s articles, Guidelines For Successful Communication With Clients, was published in this eBook by Smashing Magazine.

The piece identifies several key areas that are crucial to building great relationships with clients, which benefits everyone involved. It also encourages digital delivery folk to turn the mirror on themselves and recognise that digital project problems are not always the fault of the client and often a little closer to home.

Successful Freelancing For Web Designers

Another of Sam’s articles, How To Explain To Clients They’re Wrong, was published in this Smashing Magazine book.

The piece described various attitudes to take and techniques to adopt when managing digital delivery and any stakeholders involved, particularly when needing to explain that you believe they’re wrong about something!

Online publication writing contributions

Sam has also contributed to a multitude of online publications, including:

Open to writing opportunities

Sam is open to writing opportunities. If you’d like to talk further, please send him a message.