Digital Delivery

Digital Project Management Around the World – UK

This is another ‘PM Flash Blog’ organised by Mark Phillipy aka The Sensible Project Manager. This time Project Managers from around the world will be posting on the state of project management in their city, country or continent. Here is my contribution on the state of digital project management in the UK.

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Valentine’s Retrospectives for Digital Teams

Another guest post from Delivery Director Holly Davis and this time she’s feeling romantic, about her team, in a completely professional way of course, I hope, errrr. Check out her cool little unique way of building positive feeling amongst teams at this special sugary time of year.

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What Does Project Management Mean to Me

This post is part of the first ever project management related blogging initiative organised by @shim_marom. Over 70 respected project management bloggers worldwide have joined forces to post an article with the same title. So read on to find out what project management, specifically digital project management means to me.

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