What Does Project Management Mean to Me

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To me, project management means controlling chaos with a strong determined smile and tenacious attitude that means stuff gets done.

Imagine being smack bang in the middle of many people of varying seniority, many above you, who are all pulling in different directions despite all wanting the same thing, the project you’re managing to be delivered successfully.

Project management is not for the faint-hearted. Project management means that many of your days will feel like this.

However project management isn’t all doom, gloom and stress. Out of the controlled chaos comes a great feeling of accomplishment and pride when you finish a challenging project, when a team is working well or a client is happy.

These kinds of success are almost always aided by good project management and thus ultimately project management to me means making everyone else’s job easy. This is what makes people happy and this is what results in successful projects.

Thus Project Managers have to master the art of being the office chameleon, blending into very different environments at the drop of a hat.

One minute you’re talking to irate developers about server issues and working out how best to help resolve the issue, the next you’re in a Director’s office talking about financial reporting and finally followed up by briefing a photographer on the creative direction you’d like them to take.

Most people end up specialising, project management means having the ability to wear many hats, a skill not many have or fully appreciate.

A photo of a miserable looking black cat sitting on top of a computer monitor wearing a large green beenie.
Some people struggle to wear one hat, let alone many.

Successful project management also resulted in the Death Star being built. Case closed.

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