Scrum vs Waterfall: Which Methodology Is Right for Your Project?

I was asked by Float to discuss this controversial topic that will have Digital Project Managers, ScrumMasters, Technical Program Managers and anyone working in digital project management talking long into the night!

In this article, I focus on a high-level overview of what Scrum is, its roles, and how Scrum teams plan and complete sprints of work. I then move on to discussing the key differences between Scrum and Waterfall. For example, how planning and deliverables differ, the flexibility Scrum offers that is not too present with Waterfall methodologies and how collaboration is key in Scrum setups.

The more I work in the digital project management and delivery space, the more pragmatic I become. This is why when I write about which methodology wins, I say and will always say, it depends. Much to the cries of one-half of the technology space, I say that Waterfall still has its place in the digital delivery world. Read the article to find out why I think this.

However, just to annoy everyone, I also explain why I think Scrum and Waterfall can be combined under the right circumstances. So, if you want to read and agree or disagree with me, check out the article!