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The 37signals Planning Philosophy Mistake

The guys at 37signals are young, cool, and successful. They’re pioneers in the web industry and have shown how taking completely unconventional approaches can produce phenomenal results. So let’s all follow their lead and stop planning our digital projects so much, no more boring functional specifications, let’s just get on and build it! Ruh roh!

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What Makes a Great Digital Project Manager?

There are countless articles out there that define what makes a great Digital Project Manager, but very few that discuss the subject of what makes a great Digital Project Manager. Read on to find out what the differences are between an average and great Digital Project Manager.

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What Jigsaw Can Teach Us About Project Management

While watching the latest Saw movie and seeing just how complex the plot was, with interconnecting stories from Saw 1 through to Saw 6, I realised that despite Jigsaw being a little disturbed, he is actually a fantastic project manager who could teach us all a thing or two about managing projects – what a guy!

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How to Explain to a Client They’re Wrong

When working as a Digital Project Manager, sometimes you just know the latest request from a client is just plain wrong. But how can you go about explaining to the client they’re wrong? Read my latest article published on Smashing Magazine for some advice on dealing with this delicate situation.

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The Whole World Uses Windows and Internet Explorer

We laugh at them, we snipe at them, we write hate-filled blog posts about them and we want them to die! But like them or loathe them, the fact is an awful lot of people use Windows and Internet Explorer to view the websites you build for clients. As Digital Project Managers we just can’t afford to take the same stance as the cool kids!

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Digital Project Management: Seven Deadly Sins – Part 4

In this final part of the Michael Dlugosch talks about Sloth, the last of the digital project management deadly sins. It deals specifically with the constant struggle Digital Project Managers have when trying to allocate resource to their projects only to discover there is none available. Oh how everyone can surely relate to this issue!

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Digital Project Management: Seven Deadly Sins – Part 1

The first in a series of guest posts by Michael Dlugosch, Senior Consultant at Kwantik, discusses the Seven Deadly Sins of Digital Project Management and how to avoid and combat them. In Part 1, Michael talks about why we need to educate clients and why we should be lenient towards Account Managers – The sins of Vanity and Envy.

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