Happy Cog Web Project Management Conference Survey

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This is just a short post to promote something pretty damn cool in the world of web project management – a possible event dedicated to the topic and sponsored by Happy Cog.

Zeldman commands you… Complete the Web Project Manager Conference Survey.


Breakdancing, a key skill in web project management.

I often speak to Happy Cog’s Brett Harned about the trials and tribulations of web project management and like myself; he’s been working for some time trying to raise awareness of what Project Managers do outside of the corporate I.T. world and inside our funky digital one – we are often misunderstood creatures!

We became acquainted through this shared goal, and have met many other fantastic and like-minded Web Project Mangers along the way, so many in fact I believe it was only a matter of time before talks of a #webpm event happened.

So, whether you’re a Web Project Manager or a designer or developer who also has to dabble in web project management, please take five minutes to fill out the survey!

Complete the Web Project Manager Conference Survey.

P.S. You will not need to add this task to your timesheets.


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