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Digital Project Management: Seven Deadly Sins – Part 4

In this final part of the Michael Dlugosch talks about Sloth, the last of the digital project management deadly sins. It deals specifically with the constant struggle Digital Project Managers have when trying to allocate resource to their projects only to discover there is none available. Oh how everyone can surely relate to this issue!

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Digital Project Management: Seven Deadly Sins – Part 1

The first in a series of guest posts by Michael Dlugosch, Senior Consultant at Kwantik, discusses the Seven Deadly Sins of Digital Project Management and how to avoid and combat them. In Part 1, Michael talks about why we need to educate clients and why we should be lenient towards Account Managers – The sins of Vanity and Envy.

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Digital Projects: How To Keep The Peace When Making Decisions

When managing digital projects Digital Project Managers will need to make constant decisions that each have the capability to make one group of people happy and another upset. While you can’t always keep everyone happy, by adopting a ‘consider, analyse and communicate’ decision making process you can improve your chances of maintaining peace and harmony amongst everyone.

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KPI Definition for Digital Projects

Defining realistic and measurable digital project KPIs, and keeping them at the forefront of everyone’s mind, is not only one of the most crucial parts of a digital project manager’s role, but also takes comparatively less effort than most other project tasks you will perform for what is a huge benefit to all.

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