Digital PM Summit 2013 Announced by Happy Cog

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Waaaaaay back in November 2012 (shamefully my last post but I have re-themed things innit) I was helping to draw attention to the fact Happy Cog were gathering feedback on a potential web project management conference, as far as I know the first of its kind.

The Digital PM Summit banner.

“Let’s focus on the people who focus on everyone else.”

Well after a gazillion replies confirming what I’d suspected for some time, that there was a real demand for this out there, I’m excited to say that last week they announced the Digital PM Summit 2013.

This fantastic event will take place on October 14th-15th, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA at the TV Studios of WHYY – I’m planning to attend and I strongly suggest you do as well.

If you want to be first in line for tickets then dash on over to and subscribe for updates as this inaugural event is only open to 150 people.

Check out Greg Storey talking to Lord Zeldman about the event on this week’s The Big Web Show, and of course follow @digitalPMsummit on Twitter.


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