Published in the Handbook of People in Project Management

I got published in an actual book, megalolz. The Gower Handbook of People in Project Management is a unique and rich compilation of over 60 chapters about project management roles and the people who sponsor, manage, work in or are otherwise important to project success.

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The Digital PM Summit banner.

Digital PM Summit 2013 Announced by Happy Cog

It had to happen eventually and Happy Cog are the guys to do it, organise the first conference specifically aimed at the digital project management and digital project managers – announcing the Digital PM Summit 2013. I believe the phrase “amazeballs” was meant for occasions like this.

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Why Do Developers Live By Different Rules At Work?

Work – check RSS feeds – work – check Twitter, reply to a few Tweets, read a few blog posts – work, keep Twitter open, reply to a few more Tweets, read a few more posts – work. This is fast becoming the ‘norm’ and an accepted culture wherever you find web developers, but should it be acceptable and is it valuable or just a crappy work ethic?

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